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So many books deal with leadership, winning teams, and leading teams, yet so few books focus on how to be a better teammate. Being a better teammate is one of those worthy goals for any level of our profession. After all, teams are built around teammates. It’s a seemingly obvious observation, but even Aristotle thought it worthy of stating, “The sum of the whole is greater than its parts.”

Here’s a fun and helpful video review of three books that deal with the topic of being a better teammate.

This post contains paid links to Amazon books.

The Bus Trip

This book tells the story of a team, the challenges they face, and the lessons they learn on a bus ride. From going through the motions to having in depth conversations, this team learned to become better teammates and discovered a renewed sense of purpose.

Preview the chapters of The Bus Trip on Amazon (click here).

The Leadership Playbook

This book focuses on becoming the teammate who takes ownership of the team’s results. Being a member of a team is not just about filling a role, but it’s also about helping to create a championship team culture. The standards and habits embraced by the team determine the team’s effectiveness.

Preview the chapters of The Leadership Playbook on Amazon (click here).

Building a Winning Team

This book by Joseph Jones, Salome Thomas-El, and TJ Vari focuses on the talent equation – finding the right teammates, building a winning reputation, and recruiting top talent. It’s based on the premise that great schools are built by great teams with a winning mentality.

Preview the chapters of Building a Winning Team on Amazon (click here).

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The Bus Trip: The story of a team, a challenging season, and the lessons learned on a bus ride. Book Services.

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