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In this quick article, you will discover 5 reasons you should delay, you should not act, you should put it off – specifically, you should put off starting a new calendar or beginning the habit of time blocking for the next 60 days.

This article is a how-to guide for implementing time blocking into your time management routines.

You know how sometimes we put off new habits until next week, New Years, after the holiday, or until the end of the school year?

It’s like we are negotiating with ourselves.

Making these deals in our heads only delays moving ahead and widens the knowing-doing gap, right?

We always advise never negotiating important habit changes with yourself, because every day you delay is one more day reinforcing the very habit you are trying to leave behind.

It’s no different with changing how you invest your time. A change in habits best happens today.

However, with a change in calendar habits, such as beginning to use time blocking (see the free webinar here).

So why are we letting you off the hook and suggesting it might be best to begin your new time blocking habits two months from now?

Calendar Hijackers

Simply put, like most people, you may have awfully undisciplined co-workers or bosses that can hijack your best calendar intentions. It’s going to take some time for you to find the right responses when these people suddenly call a meeting or go overtime.

This is easier said than done because you see these people all the time. Taking a bit of time to prepare is time well-invested.

Other People’s Priorities

Your calendar is probably a mess of other people’s priorities right now. Rescheduling meeting invites you’ve accepted or haphazardly sent out isn’t fair and you will be spending most of your time trying to react to the availability of others.

Try Out Your Big Rocks First

Testing your time blocks is a proactive investment. Identifying your big rocks and trying to place them into your calendar where there is currently space will most certainly lead to a better sense of how to match your priorities and tasks to the rhythms of your day.

It’s always best to measure twice and cut once, right?

Help Others Adjust To Your Time Blocks

Your co-workers will begin to book meetings around the big rocks you placed a month or two ahead when they learn you’re unavailable and you won’t feel guilty saying, “I’ve already got something then,” because you do!

Placing those time blocks out 60 days provides plenty of time for others to adjust to your new calendar habits.

Peace of Mind

And lastly, most people want more information peace of mind, and not everyone is an early adopter like you.

Attract others to your goal and take the time to invite a trusted colleague into your new time blocking habit.

There’s a symbiotic opportunity in not moving too quickly, as it’s always helpful if you have a critical friend or better angel to join in the building of new habits. It shouldn’t be an arduous task to find someone who would like to improve time management skills and this person will help reinforce positive changes in your co-workers’ habits as well.

Yes, today is the best time to start a new habit.

We’re not suggesting that you delay your journey.

Rather, we believe too many people equate time management with a new calendar or app, and quite frankly, we struggle even using the term time management, as John Maxwell so eloquently stated:

Time management is an oxymoron, and the clock keeps ticking regardless how we live our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have. Our days are identical suitcases – all the same size – but some can pack more into them than others.
– John Maxwell

The fact that you’re thinking about it and planning means you’ve begun.

Yes, our title is misleading.

You aren’t putting anything off by delaying a new habit in your calendar.

You’re putting in the prework, thinking like a leader, and preparing for success.

Dig Deeper

Gain greater peace of mind over your calendar, time management, and leadership prowess by accessing one of our free professional learning experiences today: Time Blocking Webinar or Time Management Ultimate Guide.

Aubrey Patterson

I coach school and district leaders to create information peace of mind, so they can lead, teachers can teach, and students can learn.

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