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  • “Integrity is a value, but it’s also a performance principle.”

    What an inarguable and often overlooked thought. I’m not sure of the metric I’d use, but if I had a redo on my principal/superintendent days, this would somehow be included in our annual team reviews.

  • Integrity and accountability overlap in so many ways. If you’re not holding people accountable, how can you feel “honest” about the promise you’ve made in your position as a leader? I believe that our accountability measures that we put in place for the people we serve and in service of their growth, development, and success as leaders. Without that, we’re communicating that we’re not that concerned with what gets done by when.

    • Totally with you on all of this, TJ.

      AND, it’s been my experience that the overwhelming majority not only want a culture of “joyful accountability” but are watching to see the leader’s response when people aren’t keeping their commitments and are out of integrity. When it comes to integrity, what we do speaks much more loudly than what we say.

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