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  • I am a little late coming into this conversation.
    I purchased the book and read it all in one night! What amazing food for thought.
    Throughout the book, I was able to see what my strengths are, as a leader, as well as what I need to work on personally, in order to grow.
    “Satisfaction, or peace, comes when your behaviour is consistent with your values”. (p.163)
    “The big thing is that I’m doing the best I can follow the model myself. I can’t hold others to a standard I’m not holding myself to.” (p. 154)
    This has made me really think about my values – what do I stand for? and how I can lead my teams more effectively and efficiently.
    I am not a ‘conflict’ person. This is something I have to work really hard at as it pulls me right out of my comfort zone. As I continue to grow and work on this, I am learning how to better help my colleagues resolve conflict as well.

    • I appreciate the quote you shared on page 154 “ I can’t hold others to a standard I’m not holding myself to.” It speaks to me as I try to ensure I model the standard I expect as a leader.
      You’ve convinced me to buy the book!

      • Hey Rhae-Ann – you lead by example sooooo much. It’s so telling that the people who lead by example are always pushing themselves to lead by example, right? Just like those who ask for help with productivity are actually the most productive admin I’ve met.

    • Chantale! I had these quotes tabbed too. Given we know each other so well, I’m not surprised these resonated with you. I like how you tied to values. I remember years ago hearing, “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything,” and your comment took me back to this – you’ve probably heard me say this bazillion times ? given how long we’ve been friends and worked together.

  • I really liked how the loops that were opened in the first chapters of the book were all closed and in a pretty believable way.

    The biggest consistent thought I had while reading is about the clarity in the promises that are made and the lack of integrity and dissonance that comes when we don’t follow through. But ultimately, I need to clearly articulate the promises I request and make.

    All of this is further evidence that I am my biggest leadership challenge.

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