February 17, 2020

In a recent survey of first-year principals, the number one challenge faced was time management (2017 Research, Time Management for Principals).

Delegation is the quickest way to increase your available time.

If a task takes 30 minutes or more for you to complete, then it’s worth investing 5-10 minutes with someone, empowering them to do the task, and gaining the net difference back into your time for the day.

Success begins by understanding the roles that are required to successfully lead a school.

Plus, delegation creates an engaged culture, if you follow the delegation rule.

Learn how the delegation rule can create an engaged culture in your organization! via Principals' Seminar. Aubrey Patterson and Matt Foster

The delegation rule is simple: If someone can do a task at least 80% as good as you can, then it’s your responsibility as a leader to invest time into empowering them to do the task.

Delegation of authority is not the same as abdication of responsibility.

Aubrey Patterson

The key here is investing time into the person…not just handing off your work.

What other time management or delegation tips do you have? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Matt Foster

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  • A quick read which should make us all think about empowering others and building capacity to save some time with appropriate delegation! A good reminder!

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