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If you’ve been a principal or school district leader for any length of time, then you know that the sheer volume of problems and conflicts that cross your desk daily can be overwhelming!

Leadership is not an expertise. Leadership is a constant education.

Simon Sinek

All too often we assume “Great teacher = great principal.”

But this is not always true.

The skills required to lead a class aren’t the same as those required to lead a school. Likewise, the skills for leading a school aren’t the same as those required to lead a district or region.

Pin Me! Leadership is Learning (Quote by Matt Foster)

That’s why Simon Sinek’s quote is so meaningful.

Expertise – whether curricular, instructional, or student management – does not equate to success in leadership.

While we at Principals’ Seminar are strong proponents for managing well to lead easy (as here in the 3 in 3), we’re not convinced that management or leadership skills are everything.

No there’s another, more important variable at play.

In addition to skill sets, learning in itself is the key cornerstone to successful school leadership.

Learning, constant learning, is the only way for a school leader to bend, flex, and adapt to the ever-changing sea of challenges in our schools (is your school ready for change? Take this assessment).

That said, what are you currently learning?

How are you currently learning?

Are you in a book study? Are you on a discussion board for a masterclass? Are you taking an online course for school leaders or attending a conference?

Drop a comment down below this post and share what/how you’re currently learning.

Matt Foster

"I help people discover new perspectives." Matt is an educational creator, writer, business owner, certified teacher, certified principal, and sailor. He is CEO of TeamTom Education LLC and co-founder here at Principals' Seminar.

  • Every single day is a learning experience. I am currently enjoying podcasts as I now have a 20-ish minute commute (one-way) every day and I have the time. Some of these podcasts have led me to some amazing books to help me grow as a person and as a leader. I love trying new things and applying anything that I have learned to my current situation as a school leader – be it providing PD for staff and colleagues or sharing some tidbits that I’ve learned with specific staff and working with them on it.

  • Hahaha – the more I learn, the more I realize how much I still have to learn!

    I learn best by reading, experimenting, and reflecting – in my blog, with my team, or in Twitter chats. Then starting the cycle again.

  • ?% agree that leadership is constant learning. 35 years in education, and I still have so much to learn! I am currently working on my Doctorate Degree in education. Specifically, this semester, I am learning about how to conduct research and analyze the data. I learn best when I can collaborate with others, engage in discussion, and see the connection to my work with supporting teacher instructional growth and development. I also learn best when I network and expand my thinking to not only be aware of my biases but to push myself to think differently about things.

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