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9 Traps of giving feedback

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Why The Masterclass?

Highly Recommended!

100% of participants say they would recommend it to a friend or colleague.

Highly Actionable!

100% of participants say they could directly use strategies they learned.

Zoom link will be delivered via email after registration. Sessions will be recorded and held live at 4:30pm EST / 3:30pm CST

Praise from our 1st Principals' Masterclass

Jennifer Martin Principal
Becky West Principal
Anthony V Dent Superintendent/Principal
Brian Polaski Dean of Students
Linda Koskie Off-campus Coordinator
Linda Koskie Off-campus coordinator

Very applicable. The homework forces you to utilize what you have learned and the discussion in breakout rooms forces you to reflect on it's use (i.e. Praise Statements). I wish it was longer or there was a part II. I am not ready to be over halfway done!

Changed the Way I Provide Feedback

This class gave me concrete, practical ideas and strategies that I could take with me and use immediately. It's changed the way I provide both positive and corrective feedback already.

The live interaction with Joe & TJ, along with those taking the class was great. Hearing "real world" situation my peers experience helped me see I am not alone. It also provided opportunity to reflect and see different avenues I could use when seeking meaningful feedback. I have forwarded the class to my peers and encouraged them to make it available to their admin teams.

This masterclass was phenomenal. It gave me great incite into what I need to do to improve upon my feedback. It allowed me to reflect on what I was currently doing and how I can contine to improve to provide better service to the teachers in my building.

I found this course very rewarding where TJ and Joe lead us through very clear strategies for providing effective and efficient feedback. I especially appreciated AFA (Anchor, Focus, Align) strategy because the first step of this strategy is to anchor your feedback so you as the one giving feedback has a strong foothold while avoiding the teacher getting defensive at the very start of conversation. It allows both you and the teacher to identify that you both start with the same interest and investment in the oncoming conversation. This AFA strategy resonated with me. TJ and Joe, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us.

I really appreciate the AFA format, it is such a great tool to help limit conversation in order to have effective conversation. I also like the format of the weekly sessions where the discussions stay fluid because we move from the main room to breakout rooms as the topics are woven together. I am not sure - at this point I am enjoying being a sponge soaking up the good stuff, mulling it over - thinking deeply about it, and trying it out and seeing that the methods of discussion can be as important as the topic of discussion. This approach can be very rewarding.

What Does The Masterclass Look Like?

Live Sessions

Discover the 9 Traps

Week 1: Introduction and Candor Trap 1.

Weeks 2-5: Master 2 traps each week.

Breakout Groups

Collaborate on Specific Topics

5-10 Minute breakout rooms with peers to solve specific problems of practice.

Q & A With TJ & Joe

Gain ObjectivE Expert Feedback

10-15 Minute Question and Answer with Dr. TJ Vari and Dr. Joseph Jones

Three Part Structure

Feel, Found, Prove

Discussing our perspectives on the problem, sharing what we find, and discovering strategies that work.

At Principals' Seminar, we help you replace the noise, worries, and self-doubt with the prowess and peace of mind of a seasoned school leader.

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