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Have you ever printed a number of similar-looking items and had to put them in the proper order? Maybe it was a year of utility bills for taxes or medical receipts for reimbursement?

Think about the time and care it took to get them just how you wanted them to show up.

Now consider how little time an admin assistant or school secretary has when printing attachments received in an application package.

How will your hard work be ordered and represented in the short-listing meeting?

What package will be sitting in front of the members of the interview committee if you get to that final step in the hiring process?

One Tip for Principal Interview - from Principals' Seminar

The Mistake With Your Documents

It’s a common mistake in an online application to lose your resume, reference letters, and other key documents. In fact, they may never get printed or make it to the hiring committee!

A Simple Solution to this Mistake

Email is a common way to submit an application, of course, but there are various types of application software that are often used by districts and schools. While some ask you to fill out a lengthy application, most request or allow you to upload supporting documents.

Regardless of whether you apply with email or software, one pdf file with all your key documents will better ensure you are represented the way you want, with your pages set-up in the order that you want them.

Imagine being in the interview room and being able to confidently say, “If you look to page 6 in my application package, you’ll see a letter from my superintendent who says …”

Make it easy for the person who hits print.

Make it easy for people to see you in your best light.

Make it easy to reference evidence of your successes.

Make it easy for them to hire you.

This tip is one of many from one of the lessons in Get The Gig, an online course from Principals’ Seminar.

Get The Gig is the best way to gain the skills you need to land the interview and the confidence you need to stand out in the interview. If you’re looking for a “gig” as a school/district leader, consider one of the two options below.

Aubrey Patterson

I coach school and district leaders to create information peace of mind, so they can lead, teachers can teach, and students can learn.

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