February 10, 2021

Principals’ Club is now about 2 months old, and already we’re a growing community of principals and district-level educational leaders who connect, discuss, share, and build better solutions together.

And now, we’re introducing Principals’ Club 2.0!

Quick Navigation in this Article:

What’s New In Principals’ Club?

First, we made it easier for you to find the discussions and resources you need.

You’ll notice several updates right off the bat:

  • 4 Icons on the Top Bar: Activity Feed, Discussion Boards, Members, and Personal Updates.
  • 3 Drop Down Menus on the Top Bar: Discussions, Growth Resources, and Account Management.
  • The New Sidebar: Filled with Club Shortcuts and Additional Resources

Three Types of Discussion in Principals’ Club

In addition to private message among friends, you have three ways – three types – of discussion in Principals’ Club.

90 Overview of the Three Types of Discussion

The video above shows the purposes and benefits of each type of discussion.

Principal Discussion Boards

Originally, Principals’ Club only had the activity feed (Learn How To Navigate Principals’ Club). This is a stream of activity that included networking updates, profile updates, and posts.

The activity feed was just like Twitter or Facebook.

While the activity feed is a quick way to post a question or idea and tag people, it is designed to be a bit temporary (1-4 days).

Now, we’re making room for discussion boards.

These are slightly more permanent discussions. More room to flesh out ideas and to reply to each other.

The discussion boards will be focused on topics such as specific questions, problems of practice and book studies.

Login or Join the Club

Now it’s your turn. Jump into Principals’ Club, post a question, share a celebration, or join a discussion about an issue.

If you haven’t joined, now’s the time!

It’s easy to register. It’s free to sign-up.

Matt Foster

"I help people discover new perspectives." Matt is an educational creator, writer, business owner, certified teacher, certified principal, and sailor. He is CEO of TeamTom Education LLC and co-founder here at Principals' Seminar.

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