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Teamwork is a delicate blend of many variables, and one of the most important variables is candor – the ability to compassionately communicate with integrity. However, honesty isn’t easy. It requires a culture of candor. And that culture that takes close attention and effort to create.

One of the traps of we fall into when working in teams is what we call The Holder Backer.

Have you ever taken the role of holder backer? I know I have. For some good reasons too.

Teammates do the same.

They hold back from honesty for many good reasons.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re on a teacher team, a leadership team, or in a board meeting.

Holding back is a default posture in most cultures. To overcome this trap, there must be a careful crafting candor and of compassion within your culture.

Your Turn

What are reasons you hold back? What are the unintended consequences of holding back? How might candor and honesty benefit a team? How might it benefit the students you serve?

Leave your thoughts in the discussion below.

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Matt Foster

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