November 23, 2020

Quick update on two important user experiences: security and navigating Principals’ Seminar.


This week, we partnered with Wordfence, a website security company trusted by over 3 million websites! They will ensure our data, your login process, and your profile information are secure from malicious actors.

Simplified Menu

Additionally, you’ll notice a simplified menus system on our homepage to make it easier for you to get to the resources you value.

The menu now has three options:

  1. Courses: This goes to a course registration page for you to see all of our current and upcoming courses to register for.
  2. Articles: This link brings you to our latest free resources and articles.
  3. Login: If you are a member of Principals’ Club or subscribe to one of our courses (i.e. 3 in 3, Get The Gig, etc…), this link will take you to a login page and directly to your account – the hub for everything.

Get more information and support here.

Published on November 23, 2020

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